Vaisnava Understanding of Astrology

Teacher: Gaura Nataraj Das

In this course we deal with how Krishna is the controller of each planet with His different avatars lording over different planets. How the planets are placed according to Bhagavatam. How to read the vaishnava calendar. How to understand a basic horoscope. How to make vaishnava solutions to issues with karma as shown in our horoscope.

Course Times
Sun, Jun 27 2021, 09:00 - Tue, Jul 27 2021, 07:00 Asia/Kolkata (09:00 - 07:00 Asia/Kolkata)
Course type
Who can take the course
Anyone can take the course
Benefits of taking the course
Clear understanding of Karma, How to read Vaishnava Calendar?, Understanding of planets and Krishna avatars, Krishna conscious solutions to Karma as per horoscope.
Duration of the course
Total 10 hours