We envision Rural Community Projects around the world to become an integral part of VCO Curriculum. As and when VCO students near the completion of their virtual studies, a number of them will need to spend a two weeks or one month internship at a pre-selected Rural Project. We look forward to be working more closely with various Projects as they relate to our different VCO Faculties.

Activities devotees at Gita Nagari Baru are practicing sadhana in Radha Madana Gopala Mandir, doing go seva, go puja every purnima and also growing vegetable in our garden.…read more


Recently we have cultivated 4 hectares of rice field and 10 hectares of mixed agricultural. We have 15 local families connected with the agriculture production on a sharing…read more


Two volunteer Teachers live at the basecamp. We have built a classroom for teaching English, also gradually we plan to introduce Gardening, Arts and Dance.

The…read more


Ongoing activities include Temple programs, maintenance, further construction, farming and goshala maintenance. In the future we plan to build some rooms for people to stay and…read more


Our farm now owns 5,5 hectars of arable land and pastures. Also we rent other hectar as pasture.
Three main residential buildings are the part of the first phase of Nava…read more


- Worship of Sri Prahlad Narasimha
- Vaisnava festivals, the biggest being Narasimha Caturdasi
- book distribution
- guest house
- biodynamic…read more