Yoga Asana For Health

Teacher: Gurugauranga dasa

Asana means posture or stable position of the body. It is an vedic art to be learnt under proper guidance. Practice of Asana involves synchronising the breathing (Swasa) with the movement of the body (Vinyasa) to reach into a stable position (sthithi/asana).

This way of synchronised Asana practice improves the warmth of the body, which in turn improves the blood flow, this irrigation of blood washes the impediments within the body and cleanses the body, thereby the body feels light and stable. In disease conditions the body feels heavy and unstable.

By regularly practising yoga asana for about 30 min one can maintain good health and reduce health care costs considerably.

In this course we will focus on learning yoga asanas to maintain our health to serve Supreme Lord Sri Krishna

Monthly 12 sessions

(Saturday and Sunday : 3pm - 4pm IST, Wednesday: 11.30am -12.30pm IST)

Expected start date
Benefits of taking the course
Yoga Asanas are a way to prevent disease and to keep the body strong
Improves the health of the Spinal muscles and nerves.
Massages the various organs like liver, kidney, stomach etc and delivers oxygenated blood to these organs.
Stimulates the glands (like Thyroid, Pituitary, adrenal etc) to ensure its proper functioning.
Improves the breathing capacity and immunity. Body becomes less vulnerable to infections like COVID.
Duration of the course
On going
Course fee
Traditional Dakshina system