Holistic Cow Care (Basic)

Teacher: Dayal Mukunda das

This online Holistic cow care course gives you real-world understanding in caring for cows and bulls, and it will increase your ability to preach the importance of a cow-based economy.   

This cow care course is simple, straightforward and it allows you to find answers to those questions you have always wanted to ask. It is a fun way to learn about the behavior of cows, calves and bulls.

It will also help you to not only learn the practical aspects of the subject but also enable you to inspire others on a very important aspect of Vedic or Varnasrama culture.  

This Basic course includes
• 4 session of 30 min. videos
• 1 hour interactive session
• 2 downloadable resources
• Certificate of Completion

After completion of this course you may-
❖ Exhibit competence and confidence in executing basic Cow-Care
❖ Preach people in general or devotees about the Real value of Cows & Bulls
❖ Prevent/Check abuse of cows-bulls, which may be overseen due to lack of 
❖ Empower and motivate others by 
doing practical service to cows-bulls.

• Have an interest in cows, compassion to living entities or in preaching Vedic 
culture founded on cow-based economy. And is willing to learn new practical skills 
& techniques to serve cows & bulls.

This Cow-Care training is simple, straightforward & allows you to ask those questions, which you didn’t know whom to approach with. It is also fun learning behavior of cows, calves and bulls. It will also help you to not only learn the practical aspects of the subject but also inspire others in preaching this very important aspect of Vedic or Varnasrama  Culture. 

Course Times
mer, aoû 4 2021, 17:00 - mer, aoû 25 2021, 17:45 Asia/Kolkata (17:00 - 17:45 Asia/Kolkata)
Course type
Language of Instruction
Who can take the course
Whether you're a Brahmachari, Grihastha, Vanaprastha or even Sannyasi, whether you are a businessman, service man or a temple devotee, this Cow Care training program is going to enhance your seva in your respective fields.
Benefits of taking the course
This online, Holistic Cow-Care training course step by step gives you real-world
understanding in practicing care for cows-bulls and it will increase the
student’s understanding in preaching the importance of cow based economy.
Duration of the course
Total 90 min having each session 20 min and 45 min Interactive discussion.