Mother Farm Ukraine

Description of Ongoing Activities

Mother Farm is situated in the village Small Lisovtsy, Skvirsky area which lies south of Kiev in Ukraine. Following the creation of this farm, a cow protection foundation “Mother” was founded in 2014. The foundation raises funds and buys cows from the villagers or exchanges aged cows for young ones, thus eliminating the need to take the cows to the slaughterhouse. Some other objectives of the fund are organic farming, production of milk and dairy products based on the humane treatment of cows, and organization of self-sufficient farms and households with a full life-cycle maintenance and care of animals.

Mali Lysivtsi, Kyivs'ka oblast, Ukraine, 09011
Contact Person
HG Yamuna Paran Das
Contact Number
+38 (067) 5978794, +38 (063) 8853626 ,